Monday, March 25, 2019

SHOCK POLL: 34% Of Italians Want to Expel All Foreigners

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The Italian newspaper “Il Giorno” recently published a very interesting poll centered around multiculturalism and mass-immigration.

The results show how many Italians really feel — out of patience and exhausted with the ongoing “migrant crisis”. Various questions were asked and here are the results:

According to Antonio Noto’s survey, 42% of the Italians interviewed believe that the white color of their skin is still a value that must be defended, 34% of them believe the expulsion of non-European migrants is a good solution and would totally be ok with their instant deportation. 32% stated that they have no desire to start any kind of relationship with migrants, both in friendship and workplace situations. 23% disagreed with unions between Italians and migrants.

Obviously these results shouldn’t surprise anyone. Why? Because defending your heritage, your culture and ethnicity does not imply that we hate whoever is not like us.

Loving yourself, your people, your culture and you our Identity is not wrong, nor racist.

The left has been trying to brainwash us for decades that being proud of who we are automatically means we are hateful and close-minded individuals, but Europeans are finally waking up and nobody wants to keep the farce going. The times of self-hatred and ethnocultural suicide are over.

Immigration, together with the European Union, is one of the most important topics which will decide the outcome of the upcoming elections, the 4th of March.

The center-right coalition has focused their campaign on the mass-immigration issue, both Salvini and Berlusconi promised deportations and solutions to fight the invasion of African and Arab migrants. Berlusconi called the thousands of illegals in Italy a “social time bomb.”

Source: Il Giorno

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