Monday, March 25, 2019

Mattel Announces Hijab-Wearing Doll Based Off Of Anti-Trump Muslim

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The maker of Barbie announced on Monday that they are creating their first Muslim Barbie doll which will feature a hijab and is modeled on an Olympic fencer who made headlines for criticizing President Trump.

The new Barbie, named after Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, was announced at Glamour’s Women of the Year summit and is scheduled to be available for purchase in 2018, CNN Money reported.

In a tweet, Muhammad wrote, “I’m proud to know that little girls everywhere can now play with a Barbie who chooses to wear hijab! This is a childhood dream come true.”

Sejal Shah Miller, Barbie’s vice president of global marketing, said that Muhammad is an encouragement to countless girls in the U.S.

“Ibtihaj is an inspiration to countless girls who never saw themselves represented, and by honoring her story, we hope this doll reminds them that they can be and do anything,” Miller said in a statement.

Muhammad is an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump who not only wrote a long letter to Trump attacking him but has also tweeted her disgust for the President.

Source: The Daily Wire

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