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YouTube Recruiters Told Not To Accept Applicants Who Weren’t Women or Minorities

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A former YouTube employee is suing Google for allegedly telling recruiters to cancel interviews with applicants who aren’t female, black, or Hispanic.

Arne Wilberg, a nine-year veteran at Google, filed a discrimination lawsuit in January, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The former staffer said Google — YouTube’s parent company — invoked “clear and irrefutable policies” intended to exclude white and Asian men in hopes of increasing the brand’s diversity last spring.

In his lawsuit, Wilberg, 40, also claims Google discriminated against him personally, firing him in November 2017 for his race and sex as a result of his complaints over the company’s policies.

Wilberg also alleges some of his former co-workers were uncomfortable with one of Google’s hiring initiatives, “Project Mirror,” which required current employees to interview job candidates of the same race and sex.

One person, referring to the initiative, reportedly “complained that managers were speaking about blacks like they were objects.”

In a statement to the WSJ, Google defended its actions:

We have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity. At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products.

This is certainly not the first time Google has faced headwinds over its diversity policies. In early January, another former employee sued the California-based company after being fired in August 2017.

James Damore was fired from Google after he posted a memo addressing diversity to the brand’s internal message board. Now, he’s joining ex-Google engineer David Gudeman’s lawsuit.

Their lawsuit accuses Google of discriminating against them due to their “perceived conservative political views,” their sex, and their skin color.

Source: IJR

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